Providing Locally Owned and Operated Refuse Collection since 1972

Jon started Jon's Refuse in 1972. We handled waste disposal needs for Bemidji and many of the towns surrounding it in Beltrami County. The towns of Wilton, Solway, and Turtle River along with the townships of Northern, Eckles, Grant Valley, Turtle Lake, Turtle River, Bemidji and Frohn were serviced exclusively by Jon's. Much of the commercial and residential waste in northern Bemidji was also disposed of by Jon's.

From the early 1980's until the mid 1990's, Jon's Refuse was run by Jon's parents, Ruth and Chuck.

When Ruth and Chuck got ready to retire, they sold the business to Brad Lofgren and his wife Shari. Brad had worked for Jon's Refuse for nearly two decades.

Brad and his wife Shari ran the business as Brad's Sanitation until 2012 when they sold it to Waste Management, based in Houston, Texas.

Not liking the fact that an out-of-state company was siphoning dollars off the local economy, Jon decided to get back into the refuse hauling business. Having always fought for the little guy and small business, Jon's offers a locally-owned option to save money on your garbage collection services. He thinks a big corporation based in another state should not be able to team up with a local municipality to form a coalition that dictates higher disposal costs to us, the customer. He believes that as consumers of a service, we should be able to choose with whom we do business. Jon's Refuse is locally-owned and operated. Profits made here are spent here.

For these and many other reasons, Jon's Refuse wants to give the public a choice and to provide your commercial and residential waste disposal solutions at a reasonable cost.

Give Jon's Refuse a chance. We believe that you will be happy you did. Contact us today at 751-5689, a local phone number, and let us provide your waste disposal service solution.